DIT Graduate Exhibition 2018

Visual Art (Sherkin Island)

Jill Dinsale Jill Dinsale
Working Through
Áine Tierney Áine Tierney
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Fiona Coughlan Fiona Coughlan
The Invention of Hysteria
Colin O'SullivanColin O'Sullivan
Obesity, ageing and the body
Sarah BuckleySarah Buckley
Without a perceiver, there is no horizon
Mary ScroopeMary Scroope
It's all out there
Sarah RichardsonSarah Richardson
Circus Architecture
Catch KeeleyCatch Keeley
Salvage x
Mary SullivanMary Sullivan
At Home, At War
Julia PennyJulia Penny
DIT Graduate Exhibition 2018